Vision - Goals - results

Reduce significantly the psychological effects of trauma, addiction, loss, and poverty.

When Walk With Me began in 2017, we couldn’t imagine how fast we would grow, or how many  people would reach out to us for help. A year later, we are now the leading equine facilitated psychotherapy service in Catawba County, NC; but our growth isn’t over yet. After a comprehensive  analysis in 2018, we began exploring exciting new opportunities for progress. Walk With Me, staff, board members, and volunteers,  have come together to provide feedback, and help shape the future of the organization even further. Now, we are excited to share the result of this hard work: 

Walk With Me – Goals for 2019

2019 – Development 

  • Maintain youth program with Newton/Conover Elementary School
  • Addition of an At Risk Youth summer camp 
  • Leadership camp for youth
  • Pilot program for the homeless. Working with other nonprofits in Catawba County to serve the mental health needs of our homeless.  We will also look at the effects of addiction in the homeless population.  Walk With Me is encouraged by the support from our community for our mental health and learning programs.


  • Pilot Program for At Risk Youth from Newton /Conover High School.  We served 6 youth who were about to be drop outs.  With such poor attendance we were pleased with 2 students, which made the effort and came consistently only missing one.  They reviewed the program and stated how much the sessions encourage them to be more active in a better future for themselves.  
  • Newton/Conover Elementary School-Came to the barn for 2 six week sessions. The improvement within the classroom exceeded expectations. They were so encouraged by the results wrote a grant and received funding to come schedule session in both the fall and spring semesters of 2019.
  • We have had positive results from our kids in DSS custody, that we have now started group sessions with kids in group homes.  
  • Veterans and Spouse/Caregiver one day workshop.  4 participants wanted appointments for individual sessions, then wanted to start marriage counseling.
  • Leadership workshop for Methodist Ministers.  What a great time we all had.  We look forward to serving them in 2019.

Hickory Sunrise Meeting April 24, 2019

Visit to Walk With Me at Still Water Farms​

 The visit to the Farm was outstanding and inspiring. Offering hope and help of a most unique and  beneficial kind for those who might not be reached any other way. We were informed that this therapy is not only beneficial to two legged critters but the four legged critters learn trust, sharing, affection and peace through the program also. The whole program thrives on secure freedom to choose and accept through the approach of ASK, TELL, INSIST in the most kind and loving way. 

The Foothills Veteran Stand Down

Thank you for your support! 
The Foothills Veteran Stand Down is…
Today, it is a grassroots, community-based intervention designed to help the homeless veterans “combat” life on the street.. It offers homeless veterans a “hand up” not a hand out. It provides opportunity for veterans to renew their spirits, health and overall sense of well-being while connecting with other veterans that care.

Walk With Me is working with Foothills Veterans Stand Down to find ways to help promote healing and growth for our veterans living in our community. 
Keep watch for exciting events and new programs.

Moving Forward With Our Mission


This is a letter from one of the students who participated in one of our group sessions.

Often low-income children get caught up in their parents’ economic struggles, experience the impact through unmet needs and unstable circumstances.  When a student in the fifth grade first started group sessions with us, he was afraid to touch the horse, as he worked through the 12 sessions he had made the most profound change.  Part of the program is knowing you’ll have to say goodbye to your relationship horse,  as he was hugging his horse and telling his horse how much he had meant to him, he started crying. This was coming from a young man who was thought to be without emotion.  Powerful! 

Not only was it the “funnest thang ever”, but he was learning new skills and how to apply them while in class and other areas of his life. 

The important key words from this paragraph I was scared, I didn’t trust.  He was a tough kid showing no fear.  He was living in poverty in the care of his elderly grandmother. His brother was dealing drugs and making him part of that world. That landed him in juvenile court by the fifth grade.  This young man grew into a better leader.  Helping in the classroom, offer assistance to the teacher and fellow students, and an improvement in his overall attitude about learning.  The changes this young man experienced over two six week session made me see the absolute need for this program for our youth.