Youth Program

It's time to experience the difference and understand the change

Experience the difference, discover the patterns,  and feel the change. Aided by a Licensed Psychotherapist, an Equine Specialist, and horse your teen will explore and develop new more manageable coping techniques and understanding. Working as a team to promote and enhance the recovery from trauma, loss, addiction, and the challenges of living in poverty.

Allows for opportunity

Youth get an opportunity to practice important lifeskills, like communication, self-advocacy, dealing with fear and anxiety, and more!

are especially suited for youth

In that they are not office-based interventions. EAP is engaging, interesting and does not require youth to be verbal about their thoughts and feelings.

the need is in our community

An estimated 3,727 children and adolescents are in need of services

make a difference

For some youth this is their only hope, last chance when everything else has been tried and nothing has worked. Horses can make a difference when nothing else does.

Mental health can be described as a continuum of how individuals think, feel, and cope with life.
 Many of us are able to manage our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not the case for all. We strive to assist those who struggle to manage how they act, what they feel, and think.  

Relationships for results

Relationship is the vehicle for change

In 2013, Search Institute launched a multi-year program of applied research to study and strengthen developmental relationships in young people’s lives. Our studies have identified five essential elements of relationships with adults and peers that help young people grow into thriving and contributing adults: expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, sharing power, and expanding possibilities. Early evidence suggests that young people who experience relationships with these qualities are more likely to do better on an array of indicators of psychological, social-emotional, academic, and behavioral well being. 

By Kent Pekel, Ed.D. June 7, 2017 Search Institute • 

What You expect

Outcomes that interview participants report can be developed through relationships.

how you can help

Each youth receives a series of therapy sessions. 1 series of sessions (12 sessions) costs $1200.

We aim to support 6-10 youth a year in individual therapy, for a total cost of $14,400.

Group Services

On average, there is demand for one 2-hour group every other week, working with children from various communities in Newton, Conover, Hickory area.  As well as working alongside organizations such as Family Network and more.

Each group costs $360.  30 groups a year costs $12,800.