Walk With Me

Healing and Growth
One Step at a Time

Walk With Me is a non-profit equine facilitated psychotherapy organization focused on the psychological healing and growth of those suffering the effects of trauma, addiction, loss, and poverty.

“Horses can bring a deeper understanding to what drives us.”


Equine Facilitated psychotherapy

What is it?

If you want different, you have to try different.  Equine facilitated psychotherapy is different for a lot of people. The work requires that you be willing to experience transformation on a whole other level.

Partnering with an equine is like diving deep into the “why’s”.  Why you feel a certain way, why you struggle with particular behaviors, and why you can’t stop them from taking over your life.  Horses know when we’re stuck in a pain cycle, engaged in avoidance strategies, or experiencing fear (among other emotions).  

Working with a horse, equine specialist, and licensed therapist can help you put all the pieces together, create actionable steps toward recovery, and offer you a life changing hands-on-approach to your healing.

Recommended Treatments: 

Trauma-Focused Psychotherapies

“Trauma-focused psychotherapies are the most highly recommended type of treatment for PTSD. Equine
therapy treatments use different therapy techniques to help you process your traumatic experiences and develop
behaviors to help cope with traumatic experience.” 

Experience therapy
a new way

Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only

June-August                   8AM – Noon, 4PM – 7PM

September-November                         9AM – 5PM

December-February                            10AM – 4PM

March-May                                              9AM – 5PM